Electric Ukulele: Unleash Your Musical Creativity

As an avid ukulele enthusiast and advisor, I’m thrilled to share my expertise on electric ukuleles. In this article, we’ll explore the world of electric ukuleles, discussing their benefits, various types, styles, and factors to consider when choosing one. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this guide will provide helpful suggestions to assist you in finding the perfect electric ukulele that suits your musical preferences and needs.

What is an Electric Ukulele?

An electric ukulele is a versatile instrument that combines the traditional charm of a ukulele with electronic components. It amplifies the sound of the ukulele using pickups, allowing players to achieve a louder and more distinctive tone. Typically, manufacturers make electric ukuleles with solid bodies, hollow bodies, or a combination of both, and they often incorporate built-in electronics and controls for adjusting the sound.

Benefits of Electric Ukulele

Portability and Convenience

One of the significant advantages of electric ukuleles is their portability and convenience. They are generally smaller and lighter than acoustic guitars, making them easy to carry around for gigs, performances, or jam sessions. Electric ukuleles also have the advantage of not requiring a microphone or additional equipment to be heard clearly in a live setting.

Enhanced Sound Quality

Electric ukuleles offer improved sound quality compared to acoustic ukuleles. The instrument’s sound can be projected louder and more precisely using pickups and amplification, especially in larger venues or when playing with other amplified instruments. This enhanced sound quality allows for greater expression and tonal versatility.

Versatility and Creative Expression

Electric ukuleles allow you to explore various genres and experiment with different effects. The amplified sound opens up new possibilities for creative expression, allowing you to add distortion, reverb, or other effects to shape your unique sound. Whether you prefer a traditional ukulele sound or want to delve into new sonic territories, electric ukuleles provide versatility.

Types of Electric Ukulele

Solid Body Electric Ukulele

Solid body electric ukuleles are similar in design to electric guitars. They have a solid body made from materials like wood or synthetic composites. These instruments produce a bright and focused tone and are ideal for players who prioritize sustain and want to explore a wide range of effects.

Hollow Body Electric Ukulele

Hollow body electric ukuleles have a resonating chamber within the body, which gives them a more acoustic-like tone. They offer a warmer and fuller sound compared to solid body electric ukuleles. Hollow body electric ukuleles are suitable for players who desire a more traditional ukulele sound with the added benefits of amplification.

Acoustic-Electric Ukulele

Acoustic-electric ukuleles combine the acoustic and electric worlds into a single instrument. They have a hollow body like a traditional ukulele but also feature built-in pickups and electronics. Players can play these ukuleles acoustically or connect them to an amplifier for amplified performances. They offer the best of both worlds, providing versatility and convenience.

Travel Electric Ukulele

Travel electric ukuleles are compact and designed for easy portability. They are perfect for musicians on the go and those who want to practice or perform while traveling. These ukuleles often have a smaller body size but can amplify the sound when needed.

Styles of Electric Ukulele

Traditional Design

Traditional design electric ukuleles closely resemble their acoustic counterparts. They maintain the classic ukulele shape, with minimal modifications to add electronics. These instruments appeal to players who appreciate the traditional ukulele aesthetics and want a familiar playing experience.

Modern Design

Modern design electric ukuleles feature sleek and contemporary aesthetics. They may have unique body shapes, finishes, or color options that cater to players seeking a more modern and visually striking instrument. These ukuleles often incorporate advanced electronics and ergonomic design elements.

Unique and Customized Designs

For those seeking a one-of-a-kind instrument, there are electric ukuleles with unique and customized designs. These instruments may feature intricate artwork, exotic wood selections, or personalized modifications. Custom electric ukuleles allow you to own an individualized instrument that reflects your style and preferences.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Electric Ukuleles

Playing Style and Genre

Consider your playing style and the genres of music you intend to play when selecting an electric ukulele. Different styles and genres may benefit from specific tonal characteristics and features. For example, a solid body electric ukulele might be a suitable choice if you prefer a brighter and more articulate sound. However, if you lean towards a warmer and more mellow sound, a hollow body or acoustic-electric ukulele could be better.

Body Type and Construction

An electric ukulele’s body type and construction significantly impact its sound and playability. Solid body ukuleles generally offer more sustain and are less prone to feedback. On the other hand, hollow body ukuleles provide a more resonant and acoustic-like sound. Consider your tonal preferences and the environment you’ll be playing to determine which body type suits you best.

Electronics and Controls

Electric ukuleles come with various types of electronics and control options. Some have simple onboard preamps with fundamental tone and volume controls, while others offer more advanced features like equalizers, built-in tuners, and effects pedals. Evaluate your requirements and whether you need additional control over your sound when choosing an electric ukulele.

Budget and Price Range

It’s essential to establish a budget when considering the purchase of an electric ukulele. Electric ukuleles can range in price from affordable beginner options to high-end professional models. Determine your budget range and prioritize the features that are most important to you. Investing in a higher-quality instrument often results in better playability and longevity.


In conclusion, electric ukuleles provide a gateway to new sonic possibilities, allowing ukulele players to expand their musical horizons. Their portability, enhanced sound quality, and versatility make them valuable to any musician’s collection. Thus, considering the types, styles, and factors discussed in this article, you can confidently choose an electric ukulele that suits your preferences and musical goals. Unleash your creativity with an electric ukulele and explore its endless possibilities.


Can I play electric ukuleles without amplification?

Absolutely! Electric ukuleles can be played unplugged, just like acoustic ukuleles. However, remember they may produce less volume or projection with amplification.

Are electric ukuleles suitable for beginners?

Yes, electric ukuleles can be suitable for beginners. Besides, they offer various options at different prices, allowing beginners to find an instrument that meets their needs and budget.

Can I use effects pedals with electric ukuleles?

Yes, you can use effects pedals with electric ukuleles. Effects pedals open up a world of possibilities, allowing you to experiment with different sounds and add personal touches to your playing.

Are there left-handed electric ukuleles available?

Yes, many electric ukulele models offer left-handed options. However, please verify availability and compatibility with your preferred handedness by contacting the manufacturer or retailer.

How do I maintain an electric ukulele?

Maintenance for electric ukuleles is similar to acoustic ukuleles. Keep the instrument clean, change strings regularly, and store it in a suitable case when unused. Additionally, if your electric ukulele has electronics, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for care and maintenance.

Can I use my electric ukulele with headphones?

Some electric ukuleles have headphone outputs or built-in headphone amps, allowing you to play silently without disturbing others. Check the specifications of the ukulele model you are interested in to see if it offers this feature.

Can I play different music genres on an electric ukulele?

Absolutely! Electric ukuleles are versatile instruments that can play various music genres. From traditional Hawaiian tunes to rock, pop, jazz, and more, the electric ukulele opens up a world of musical exploration and expression possibilities.

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